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Ruxcon is a computer security conference that aims to bring together the best and the brightest security talent within the Aus-Pacific region. The conference is a mixture of live presentations, activities and demonstrations presented by security experts from the Aus-Pacific region and invited guests from around the world. Ruxcon is widely regarded as a leading computer security conference within Australia attracting all facets of the security landscape from industry, academics, to enthusiasts.

Latest News

Ruxmon 2014
02 Feb, 2014

Happy new year! Preparations for Ruxcon 2014 are now under-way, and with our new event area we hope to include some more activities to this year's agenda . In the meantime, our free monthly community event, Ruxmon is starting up Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane,  Read More.

Ruxcon 2013
01 Jan, 2014

A big thank goes out to all our speakers and sponsors for supporting Ruxcon, and everyone for attending Ruxcon 2013. We had a fantastic weekend and conference once again hit the maximum comfortable venue capacity of 650 delegates.  With the new venue layout we are now planning to expand the conference. Read More.